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Have you ever tried helping your children with their schoolwork, only to have met with blank stares and feelings of frustration? Have you spent tremendous amounts of money on tutors, only to have seen your children’s grades and self-esteem continue to spiral downwards as the tutors you hired were not on the same wave length with your children, or were unable to communicate with them?

Maybe you are a student who always gives your best effort, yet you just cannot understand Algebra, English, or Science.  Possibly, you had a negative experience with a teacher or a professor last year, and you just did not grasp the material needed to help you move ahead this year.

If you are a high school or college student, you probably remember and know   students who faced, and continue to face challenges and obstacles preventing them from reaching their highest academic potential.  If you see yourself or your daughter/ son in any of these scenarios, Students Connecting can provide a new tutoring experience as students seeking tutoring services work together with Student Tutors to set, reach for, and achive their academic goals!

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